Relearning the Love of Running

June 5, 2018 Comments (0) The Blog

Distance Runner Mantra

Whenever you challenge our will, consider this distance runner mantra.

We know a few things about endurance, and constantly train to build lasting strength.

We have learned how to go both faster and slower, to pace ourselves so we don’t come up short.

We have a good sense of our strengths and weaknesses, and are honest about what we can both do and not do.

We enjoy doing very difficult things in the name of fun, and are accustomed to being called “beast”, “mystic warrior”, and “f*cking crazy”.

We understand and accept all of this as normal behavior, and cannot imagine things differently.

It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. When you call out a distance runner, know that we’re always ready to lace up and meet your challenge. Are you?

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