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September 26, 2015 Comments (0) The Blog

Like Father, Like Son

Today, I had the pleasure of volunteering at my son’s school for their annual Fun Run. It’s a great program that many schools put on to raise money.

Students run laps in a field and their parents, businesses, friends, etc. all pledge to donate money per each lap a student runs. Each lap was measured out at 1/10 mile, and the students would walk, jog, or run for 25 minutes. They were instructed to take it easy, slow down if they became tired or needed a break, and that water was available right after the lap marker.

Each student had a pinned lap tag on their back, and along with a handful of other parents, I would mark the tags as the students completed laps. I also volunteered for a slot when my son would run, as they’d organized runs throughout the day for each class range.

It was a blast. After a few laps I started recognizing different students and their paces. It was really interesting to note as the same students kept going to the same adults. By the time all students had passed 5 laps, I realized I was cheering each of them on. It was contagious. 🙂

I think the timers let it go a bit longer than 25 minutes, but my son kept going, and by the time he finished, was at 28 laps, or 2.8 miles! He was surprised to learn that was just shy of of a full 5K. I can see a day not too far in the future when he does just that.

fun run!

Like father, like son, I guess. 🙂 Thanks, Kristen Clark Woods, for the suggested title.

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