What is .RUN?

.RUN is one of the many new top-level domains available.

My company, Canvas Host, offers complete web hosting and domain registration services, and can set you up with your own website and .RUN domain.

Canvas Host offers many health- and sports-related domains. Pricing is as follows.

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Top-Level Domain Price
.BASEBALL (not yet available)
.BASKETBALL (not yet available)
.BIKE $34.95/year
.CAMP $34.95/year
.CLUB $19.95/year
.COACH $49.95/year
.CRICKET $74.95/year
.DIET $24.95/year
.EVENTS $34.95/year
.FISH $34.95/year
.FISHING $34.95/year
.FIT $34.95/year
.FITNESS $34.95/year
.FOOTBALL $24.95/year
.GOLF $49.95/year
.HOCKEY $49.95/year
.RACING $34.95/year
.RUGBY (not yet available)
.RUN $24.95/year
.SHOES $34.95/year
.SKI $49.95/year
.SOCCER $24.95/year
.SURF $34.95/year
.TEAM $34.95/year
.TENNIS $49.95/year
.TRAINING $34.95/year
.WIN $34.95/year
.ZONE $34.95/year

To search for and register domains, as well as a complete list of more than 300 top-level domains, visit Canvas Host today!

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